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Database of Accessible Books for Students with ASN

Downloading Books

  1. Use the Search in the top right corner to find the book you want. Search for title, author, subject or publisher. Use the Advanced Search to search for a particular format, publisher, author of subject.
  2. If you find a book which is on the Seeing Ear, go to the Seeing Ear library to download it. See the 'Seeing Ear' page for more on how to get books from the Seeing Ear.
  3. Otherwise click on Open to check the author, publisher and other details before you download it.

  4. Windows or Mac
    Click Download and the book will be downloaded to your computer. Go to your Download folder to find it.

  5. ZIP files on Windows & Mac
    Go to your Download folder, double click on the Zip file you have just downloaded, select all the chapters in the and drag them to another location on your computer e.g. Documents. Now double click on any chapter to open it.

  6. iPad
    Tap on the book or on Download and the book will appear in Safari. Now tap anywhere on the book and then tap Open In or More... in the top left corner and choose the app you want to use to read the book.

  7. PDF Portfolio on iPad
    The TeeJay Maths for CfE Book 1a, Book 1b, Book 2a Part 1 and Book 2a Part 2 are 'PDF Portfolios', which are seperate PDF files packaged into a single portfolio for ease of download.
    To access these, you first need to install the free Adobe Acrobat Reader app on your iPad.
    When you download the Portfolio from the Database, tap on the file, then on More.. in the top left corner and Copy to Adobe Acrobat.
    You'll see the list of chapters appearing on screen. Tap the one you want, and it will open.
    Now tap the 'Open in' button at the bottom of the screen, and choose your app (e.g. ClaroPDF / PDF Expert) to read and access the file.
    Repeat for the rest of the chapters in the book.

  8. ZIP files on iPad

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