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Seeing Ear

To download books from The Seeing Ear, you must join the library. Membership is free. When you look for a book, be aware that there are three libraries, so you may need to search in more than one library to find the book you want:

  • Main Fiction Library
  • Junior Library
  • Non-fiction library.

Once you have found the book, click on the title.

Most of the books on the Seeing Ear library are Plain Text or Microsoft Word format.

If there is a Word version of the book and you have Word on your computer, click on it and it should open the book in Word.

On a Windows computer, when you click on a Plain Text book it will open the book in Notepad. Notepad is a very simple text editor, and usually you will want to copy the text into another program, such as Microsoft Word, so you can change the font and make the book more accessible.

To copy it to Word or another word processor:

  • Press CTRL A or Edit > Select All or right-click and choose Select All, to select all the text.
  • Press CTRL-C or Edit>Copy or right-click and choose Copy to copy it.
  • Go to your word processor and press CTRL-V, or Edit>Paste, or right-click and choose Paste, to paste it into your word processor.
  • Alter font, size, colour etc and add navigation as required.
  • See the CALL Quick Guides and Video Guides on how to make an accessible Word version.


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